Friday, June 29, 2012

Big and Little

As he lays on my lap, his eyes heavy and his lips red from nursing, I can hardly believe he belongs to me.

That this moment is real.

I’m positive that every mother thinks her son is beautiful, handsome and brilliant.

Those steel blue eyes and dark lashes…
Whomever he chooses to love will be lost in them.

When finally, the troubles of the world fall on his shoulders, will he still smile his sweet secret sleep smiles?

It blows my mind to think that someday, he will be a grown man.
With his own path and journey.
I can only protect him for so long.
And then…well…we all have to let go.  

I think our children are given to us at the exact moment we need them.

To swell and break our hearts

To know that we have hearts.

To feel love in a way we never knew existed.

Up until recently, there was only one person in this world whom I loved enough, that if I thought about that love too much, I would panic 
My throat burning with the realization, that my life, would shatter without them.

Now there are three people.
And it's the most beautiful and painful thing in the world.

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