Friday, June 29, 2012

Still Here

Two posts.

A very short post to make myself feel better about not posting in almost 3 weeks



A quick post to asking for patiance from those who actually do read this.
I do have a new "real" post coming soon!

My nights lately (the only real time I have to write) have been super baby busy, leaving me with very little energy to "do" much of anything.
Please don't give up on me and check back!

We are headed out tomorrow for our first "road trip" as a foursome.
We are heading to Bills parents house for the Canada Day weekend.
There are tons of family on Bills side that have not had a chance to meet the babies yet...I predict a busy weekend!

I am partially dreading how a five hour drive is going to go. We are leaving in the evening (when Bill is done work). In theory, they should sleep better in the dark...right?

Babies hate theories.

Wish me luck. Ill need it.

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