Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Our family is Vegetarian.

And yes.

We ARE raising the children to be too.

Bill and I live a pretty healthy life style.
We eat A LOT of vegetables, whole grains, good fats, alternative protein sources etc etc.
We try to shop the perimeter of the grocery store and stay away from the inner "processed foods" aisles as much as possible. 

Basically, I try my best to make healthy and earth conscious decisions whilst trying to make sure we are getting all the nutrients we need.

as hard as I try...

there is some room for some big improvements.

Lately (perhaps it’s the age old pressure of a “New Year”) I have been feeling like we need to make some serious changes.
We need to kick “Healthy Living” up a notch.

The last 12 months have been pure survival mode, and our diet (although still strict vegetarian) has been pretty lax.

I haven’t had the time, or the interest for that matter, to prepare food the way I know I should be.
I want to be able to cook more REAL food.

I feel better when I do.
Mentally and physically.

And let’s face it. Bill and are not getting any younger.
Our bodies can’t process that stuff the way it used to.

So- I guess I’m in the beginning stages of change.
It’s just something that needs to happen.
Especially now, that the kids are eating “real” food. 

I am a true believer of "living by example".

I want the children to "do as I say AND as I do"- instead of the tired stand by most of us grew up hearing. 

Even though I have been a little neglectful to our own diets, I put an exorbitant amount of effort into what goes onto Bug and Badgers plates.

I want them to eat clean and healthy, and I am trying to keep chemicals and sugar out of their little bodies for as long as I can.

I not only read labels, I over analyze them.
I worry over sugar, salt and additives.
I’m a bit of a mad women when it comes to the subject.

I’m learning to check myself though.

Recently while standing in the organic section of the grocery store, holding a can of tomato sauce I turned to Bill and asked (with complete sincerity),

“But…is this tomato sauce organic ENOUGH??”

His look was enough to know I might be slipping over the edge.

Seriously though,

That’s what we do isn’t it?  
We simply want the best for our children, and I think that desire manifests itself in different ways for each parent.

Once your children come into your life, everything suddenly and drastically becomes all about them.
You find yourself thinking and worrying and over analyzing things you never once imagined could matter to you.

It’s uncanny.

An unbelievable amount of my energy goes solely into absolutely every aspect of their care.

We truly do live our children.

I am learning to try and take a step back every now and again.

To lighten up.

After all, I don’t want to create a set of “weird health nuts”.
I just want my children to be happy and healthy while maintaining at least one foot within the realm of reality.


I’ve been giving them regular peanut butter.

The peanut butter I eat.
Ya know, the commercial brand… with the added sugar.

They love it.
Of course they do.

Still, I can’t help feel a twinge of guilt as they lick their fingers and smile.


I’ll get over it. 


I’m sure in the end, the proper balance will happen, health and harmony in a world of excess and temptation.

Or at least that’s what I will aim for. 

blueberry babies

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